Montana Company Provides Bus Service to Bakken Oilfields

Motor coach service to the BakkenThe Bitterroot Star ran a story recently about the new bus service from Western Montana to the Bakken oilfields started by R’n’R Stagelines.

The service is designed specifically to transport workers from Western Montana to the oilfields, relieving them of the need to drive back and forth. Many Bakken workers work schedules of two weeks on, with a week off in between, so a service that provides safe and comfortable transportation back to their homes and families on their days off will no doubt be much appreciated.

The company provides luxury motor coaches, including DVDs and place to play cards. Professional drivers will take care of the driving and allow workers to rest and arrive at either their homes or back at work well rested.

Current hubs for service in Western Montana include Missoula, Butte, Helena and Bozeman. Service may very well be expanded as needs arise.

We’re likely to see more and more of these types of services, not just in relation to transportation, but also job training, housing, and job placement. The Bakken boom is still relatively new, as well as quite remote, so many of the typical services needed to fill demand for workers still have not arrived.

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