Lynn Helms on the future of the Bakken

lynn helms interviewHere’s a great interview with Lynn Helms on Platt Energy Weekly. Helms is North Dakota’s Director of the Department of Mineral Resources, which handles assessment and management of the Bakken shale formation. He makes some very interesting points about future development, natural gas, and the challenges local communities have been facing due to the oil boom.

Helms claims it will take another 16 to 18 years to fully develop the Bakken formation, which is interesting considering other estimates have predicted that production will peak within several years.

Although 30% of natural gas coming out of the Bakken is currently being flared (burned at the well-head), Helms claims that the state and indusctry are investing $4 billion in gas related infrastructure, which is good to hear. Better that gas be captured and used to produce energy than wasted.

All in all, a very interesting interview, and well worth checking out.

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