March 2015 Energy Sector Update by Parker Hallam

Parker Hallam Just as we rounded the corner into spring, good news hit the oil markets when Saudi Arabia announced a $ 1.00 per barrel increase on its crude shipments to the United States and $ 1.40 increase to oil bound for Asia.  A similar move in the opposite direction in 2014 was the tinder […]

Coloradans Up in Arms Over Fracking Commission Proposals

Parker Hallam Coloradans have been waiting for a 21-member panel, appointed last fall by Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper to investigate how to make oil and gas development work in harmony with local communities and retain Colorado’s natural beauty. The proposals mostly focused on giving local communities an early voice in the permitting process, which would […]

Crude Energy President Parker Hallam Appearing on Bloomberg TV

Crude Energy Crude Energy, LLC (the “Company”) announces Parker Hallam, President and co-Founder, is featured on the program “Corporate Review”.  The segment aired originally on Bloomberg Television February 21, 2015 and is being re-broadcast this Saturday, February 28, 2015 at 5:30 EST. Corporate Review is an award-winning business and health program, independently produced by MMP, […]