A good video explanation of fracking

Here’s another good video about hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which is how the oil is extracted from the Bakken shale in North Dakota. It’s a pretty amazing process, and takes a tremendous amount of energy. For more information on the fracking process and oil shale in general, check out the eBook the Shale Oil Revolution.

What Is the Future of North Dakota Oil?

North Dakota recently became the second largest producer of oil in the United States, passing Alaska and leaving only Texas in the lead. The North Dakota oil boom has obviously been increasing dramatically over the past few years, and hit an all time high last February at 568,000 barrels per day. As infrastructure and pipeline […]

How Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Works Video

Here’s a quite good six-minute video on fracking put out by Marathon Oil. It’s a very good intro to how the vertical wells are drilled, an explanation of how the lateral drill through the shale formation is done, followed by the fracking process itself in which water is injected into the well itself to open […]

What is the Bakken Oil Shale Formation: An Introduction

The Bakken is a formation of shale source rock covering about 200,000 square miles of North Dakota, Montana and Saskatchewan. It is currently the largest known reserve of light sweet crude in North America. Oil was first discovered here in 1951, but due to technical limitations, it has only been until fairly recently that any […]

What Happens to the Oil from the Bakken?

Here’s a brief news story out of Minneapolis, MN that touches on some questions that many people no doubt have while they watch gas prices rise. The bottom line is that while the amount of oil coming out of the Bakken is huge, it’s relatively small compared to the overall consumption in the U.S., and […]

A Debate About Oil Field Social Responsibility

By RT Cox (originally published here) Hey fellow travelers: How often does a conversation with one of your oldest friends include these invectives: “You are a *&%$$$# socialist,” followed by “What!! You ****, you sound just like Mitt Romney!!” I would be the one accused of sounding like Mitt. That does not happen often. My […]

What is the Basis for Environmental Concerns about Fracking?

Hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking, is a method of oil and natural gas extraction using large machinery and a slick water mixture that serves to release gas by fracturing rock. There are many concerns associated with this, including an increased potential for toxicity and other harmful environmental impacts such as groundwater and surface water contamination, disturbance […]

How Much Oil Is In The Bakken Formation?

Unlike an automobile, it is not easy to know how much oil is in the Bakken formation, much less any other oil field. They do not come with dipsticks or fuel gauges that tell us how much petroleum is in the tank. Every estimate is actually a guess that is dependent on a number of […]

The Future of Shale Oil in the United States

There used to be a saying in the Green River Basin that oil shale was the future of energy and always would be. In other words, that the oil was there, but it was not yet economically feasible to recover it. However, the future might finally be now in the business. Not only does the […]